Grade 8 Cyber-citizens

Lesson 1: Smart, Safe, and Secure Online
I can be smart, safe, and secure online.
View these two short videos.
Discuss with your partner how these two short videos share the same ideas.
View the video Tracking Teresa
Talk with your partner about how "safe" you are online. Is there information "out there in cyberspace" that could endanger you?

Lesson 2: Digital Identity and Reputation
I can take steps to protect my identity and reputation.

Watch the video Your Photo Fate.

Discuss these questions with your partner or a small group, .
  • Do you know anyone who has received a sexual message or naked picture on his/her cell phone?
  • Do you know anyone who has ever been asked or pressured to send a nude or sexual picture?
  • Do you think it’s OK to send “sexy” images? Why or why not?
  • What could happen to you if you send or forward a naked picture?
  • How likely is it that images and messages intended for one person will be seen by others?

View Social Networking
  • Discuss with your partner or group
    • what you place in your profile
    • how you choose your online friends
    • how and why you set your privacy settings for social media
View Offline Consequences.
  • Discuss what offline consequences can happen if you make poor decisons in posting images and comments?

Lesson 3: If you wouldn't say it in person, why say it online? DELETE Cyberbullying.
I can evaluate my online behavior. I can help stop cyberbullying.
Take this quizto find out if you are a cyberbully.

Check this siteabout "digital respect" to consider 3 questions you should ask yourself. Read each concern and think about
  • if this action or these words would be OK off line, in person
  • what could happen following these words or actions
  • where you will draw your line

Discuss with your partner:
  • What should I do if someone cyberbullies me? Read this suggestion.
  • How can we prevent Cyberbullying?

Create a rap with your partner to teach others about cyberbullying and how to stop it. Write it down and present it to your class.

Lessons 4 and 5: Copyright

I can learn to credit others for their work and to "borrow" their work ethically and legally.

View Plagiarism: Don't Do It.(boy w/girl's voice)

View Avoiding Plagiarism: What Do I Need to Cite?(words vs. ideas)

View YouTube Copyright School.(infringement of other's media)

Read Text which explains copyright & fair use, etc.

Skim Provides quantity and percentages of works which may be used under fair use.

Quiz yourself with the Copywrong Quiz. Credit goes to California State University, Sacramento for these questions. Click here to answer the questions on a survey. Then click on "Next" to read the correct answers.