Job Shadowing

Occupational Outlook Handbook
The Bureau of Labor Statistics includes information on skills, job outlook, how to become a person in that career, education needed, and work environment, as well as pay.
  • For main skills (question 1), check under How to Become and then Important Qualities.
  • For equipment (question 2), check under What They Do.
  • For Does this person you are shadowing typically work (question 5)..., check under "What They Do" and "Work Environment."
  • For how much school (question 6), check under How to Become and then Education. You might also check under Licensure.
  • For where typically do you find... (question 7), check "Work Environment" and then infer or "read between the lines."
  • For employment outlook (question 8), check under Job Outlook.

I Seek Career Clusters
  • First choose a career cluster and explore. You can learn more about careers, industries, pathways, fields of study, and businesses within that cluster.
  • Then click on a specific career to learn more. Use the navigation panel on the left for
    • Overview
    • Wages & Outlook (question 8, possibly question 7)
    • On the Job/Working Conditions (question 5, possible question 7)
    • Education/Training (question 6))
    • Skills (question 1)
    • Tools & Technology (question 2))
    • Licensing (related to question 6)
  • This site comes from Minnesota's Career, Education, and Job Resources

School to Careers

  • Check here for a profile, a "Day in the Life of...", and "Getting Strategic" (pathway, including recommended education, activities, and work experience).
  • Many of the profiles have either a video or enhanced audio. If it is enhanced audio, you can also see all the questions/answers in text for quick skimming.
  • This is an Iowa-based site, with most of the professionals interviewed being from Iowa.